Our Philosophy

SPL takes pride in our enduring relationships and strong bonds with our partners. We choose our partners for their experience, integrity, and stability. We are committed to our projects and our people. Here are just a few of our guiding principles and philosophies.

Boost Your Bottom Line with Blue-Chip Properties

SPL has successfully managed and invested in stable properties—primarily shopping centers, self-storage facilities, commercial buildings and multi-unit residential homes—for almost four decades.

Wise investments and sound management practices have enabled SPL’s managing partners to generate dependable cash flow streams, maintain high occupancy rates, maintain low turnover of our partners and enhance the value of their properties.

Secure Returns on Your Investment

The SPL goal is to achieve at least a 10% return for investors within two years. Typically, programs usually generate an 8% return after the first six months and reach 10% before the end of the first year.

Take Profits Not Risks

Stable, conservative, and risk-averse, the SPL team is committed to acquiring well-maintained properties with a high potential for consistent long-term growth. SPL’s patient, step-by-step approach on the front end maximizes the odds of a positive outcome.

Join a Savvy, Close-Knit Group of Investors

A stable core of investors provides a firm anchor. The managing partners invest significant amounts of their own money in each project. Other major stakeholders are close friends, associates and family members. Consequently, SPL shuns high-risk ventures.

Reservoir of Goodwill Ensures Success

Low turnover benefits everyone. SPL takes pride in its long relationships with investors, on-site managers, and tenants. Site managers are hand-picked for their experience, integrity, and stability. The company hires people who know what they’re doing, like to stay put, and prefer a stable work environment.


We visit properties on a regular basis to ensure smooth operations and build rapport. We make a point of getting to know the tenants. When it comes to goodwill, SPL believes there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing.